Pleated shades are the predecessor of cellular shades and therefore are similar in fabric and features, although they do not provide the same level of insulation as cellular shades. Pleated shades are an alternative to cellular blinds when working within a tight budget.

If you are looking for a simple and elegant shade with a streamlined profile and minimal stacking, then search no further.

  • Provide light control with many fabric options from sheer to room darkening fabrics
  • Ease of use for privacy control by pulling the blinds up or down
  • Easy to clean and are very durable
  • Pleated shades stack compactly when fully raised to give you the maximum view out your window
  • Window size and shape versatility. Pleated shades enable you to fit any specialty window, including arches, circles, skylights or any shape that your windows necessitate
  • Operating cords are visible through the face of the shade leaving holes for light to filter into a room
  • Most shades are the same color on both the front and back, and if a color other than white, are not white to the street
  • Windows wider than 60” often require overlapping fabric panels. The overlap is visible to the eye and not recommended

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