Standard Features for Pinched-Pleated (French Pleated) Draperies:

  • Heavy weight permanent finish crinoline or buckram in the heading
  • 3-finger (French) pinch pleats
  • Double 4" blindstiched bottom hems
  • Double 1 1/2" blindstitched side hems
  • Lead-free weighting at side hems and seams
  • Hand tabling for size
  • Pins supplied with drapery
  • Fan-folded
  • Standard return is 3 1/2"
  • Approximately 2 1/2 to 1 fullness
  • Standard lining: Roc-lon "Rain no Stain", or insulated thermal lining

Panels draw across glass; can be cord, baton operated, or motorized. Can be used on all track systems. Most tracks can be curved or angular bent. Practical for wall, ceiling or recessed installation. Ball bearing carriers will not twist or bind. Ball bearing and Teflon end pulleys for maximum traversing efficiency. From auditorium to cubicle track for a variety of installations-hospitals, institutions, theaters, museums, television studios-wherever drapery operation must be dependable.

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